Symposium on Moving Boundary Problems

Many problems in mechanics involve deformable domains with moving boundaries. Examples include fluid-structure interaction, free surface flows, flows over soft tissues and textiles, flows involving accretion/erosion, flows through deformable porous media, material forming, shape optimisation, to name but a few. The interaction of the moving boundary with the participating media leads to fascinating phenomena in a very broad range of contexts such as flutter, wave-breaking, dune formation, ripple formation on the ocean floor, flow instabilities, structure resonance and failure, atherosclerosis, ice formation on aircraft wings.

This symposium, which is going to be the first IUTAM Symposium in New Zealand, aims to gather the community of engineers and scientists involved in moving boundary and related problems in mechanics.

The symposium will facilitate a mix of researchers working on the development of related mathematical methods and algorithms, and applications of recent and ongoing problems. We also encourage researchers performing experiments related to moving boundary problems to participate. Since the community of researchers involved in moving boundary problems in mechanics is fairly fragmented, we believe that this symposium will be a unique opportunity to cross-fertilise ideas and concepts from different disciplines of mechanics and foster engineering applications.

Important Deadlines:

Submission of Abstracts: October 20, 2017 November 10, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: November 24, 2017

Early Bird Registration: November 30, 2017

Inside the new Engineering Core Building at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.