The town of Akaroa is situated just 75 kilometers from Christchurch. Akaroa is a historic British and French settlement that is set in the centre of an ancient volcano. The bays surrounding Akaroa are spectacular and Akaroa is home to a variety of local wildlife. Join us on a cruise around the Akaroa bays with Black Cat Cruises. You will see volcanic sea cliffs, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the rare New Zealand native Hector’s Dolphin.

Other sea life to look out for on the cruise include the smallest penguin in the world – the White Flippered Blue Penguin, the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin and the New Zealand Fur Seals sunning themselves at Seal Bay.

The cruise will take you around the bay and its many sea caves and cliffs. You will also hear about the fascinating history of the area and more about Akaroa’s origins as an ancient volcano.

Dinner options

There are a few restaurants and fish and chip shops in Akaroa, and the Main Wharf is right next to most of these establishments. Here is a list of recommended venues for dinner after the cruise:

Akaroa harbour

Cliff in the bay

New Zealand fur seals sitting on the rocks

Looking out to the South Pacific Ocean

A cave